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The ACLU is alleging that the ESA program funds religious schools and are therefore unconstitutional. They are wrong. Educate Nevada Now! claims the ESA program will “take” education dollars from schools and hurt educational opportunities for low-income students. We believe the opposite.

Nevada parents will decide how to spend funds on their own child’s education.  Much like students receiving federal funds from the GI Bill or a Pell Grant can choose public, private or faith-based colleges, Nevada parents receiving an ESA can decide on the best education environment for their child whether that be private, online or faith-based schools. ESA funds can be used toward school tuition, tutoring, online courses, dual enrollment at a community college, therapy for students with disabilities, an SAT or ACT exam, as well as many other state-approved uses.

Under no circumstance can the state compel a parent to choose a particular school, service, or even to enroll in the ESA program at all. It’s purely a parents’ decision to choose the options that are right for their children.

Sign this petition to help protect Nevada families.

Petition to drop the ACLU and Educate Nevada Now! Lawsuit

This petition is signed in support of Nevada's Education Savings (ESA) Account program, passed in the 2015 state legislative session as Senate Bill 302. I support the state of Nevada providing Nevada’s public school parents the opportunity to choose how to meet the educational needs of their children. A parent who wishes to choose something other than their assigned public school should get a portion of what the state is already providing for their child’s schooling. I strongly urge the ACLU, Educate Nevada Now! and other parties to drop the lawsuit challenging Nevada's ESA program.


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