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Nevada Mom: ESA lawsuits could force my son back into failing school


Glynis Gallegos’ son, Dmeire (fifth grade)

Frustration and struggles with her local schools got Las Vegas mom Glynis Gallegos to apply to the Education Savings Account Program. With her youngest son now excelling in a private school, her family is counting on Education Savings Accounts to come through next year and help cover the cost of her son’s education — just like the state promised they would. “As a single parent living paycheck to paycheck, I never thought I could afford a private school… Education Savings Accounts allow this to happen,” said Gallegos. Read her story.

ESA Stories from Nevada

Nevada’s ESA program has the potential to help thousands of families. A few of these families have shared their story and you can too! Simply send your name and contact information to info@excelined.org and we will reach out to learn more about how the NV ESA Program will help your family. Zavia’s Story: “The days of constant struggle and anxiety are behind us.”

Zavia Norman's daughters, Rhealyn (13), Laila (11) and Cailyn (6).

Zavia Norman’s daughters, Rhealyn (13), Laila (11) and Cailyn (6).

This summer, Nevada’s ESA Program became the first in the country to empower all public school parents with the right to choose the best education for their child. Set to launch in 2016, the promise of this program empowered Nevada mom, Zavia Norman to begin the path to a better education for her daughters. Zavia’s story shares how her daughter, previously struggling and falling behind at her zoned public school, is now excelling at a private school focused on math and science. In her own words, Zavia shares her emotional story of how she’s counting on the NV ESA program to help continue this improved educational experience for her children. Read Zavia’s story and Q&A on The EdFly Blog:

Meet Zavia. Her family is counting on Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts.Nevada Mom on ESAs: “The days of constant struggle and anxiety are behind us.”

____________________________________________________________________________ Cookie-cutter schools don’t cut it for Nevada mom of 7. But she has a plan. The local top-rated public school just isn’t good enough for one Nevada mom of seven kids. A recent piece in The Daily Signal shared the story of Liz Robbins. Her family desperately needed access to alternative education options. And salvation came for the Robbins family in the form of education savings accounts. Two of Robbins’ daughters are affected by the inherited connective tissue disorder. Because of extensive surgeries, medical tests and debilitating symptoms, they’ve missed entire years of school at a time. “Children with health problems … they are forgotten in the school districts,” Robbins said. Read her story.

ESA Stories from Around the Nation

ESA programs are helping families across the nation. Like Nevada, Tennessee and Mississippi passed ESA programs during the 2015 legislative session. Florida and Arizona’s ESA programs have already helped thousands of students and families by expanding education options and have continued to flourish since inception. Below you will find true stories from families benefiting from an ESA program. Watch the remarkable stories of Jordan Visser and Max Ashton, children currently benefiting from an ESA.

How Education Savings Accounts Are Empowering Families via The Heritage Foundation

Jordan’s Journey ESA via American Federation for Children Growth Fund

In their own words, parents tell their ESA Story.


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