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Nevada ESA 101

Learn about Nevada's landmark ESA program and how to apply!

Nevada’s ESA program is being administered by the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office (STO), who ultimately will be responsible for establishing the regulations, timelines and program processes. The NV ESA Program is a huge opportunity for Nevada’s public school students and their families, who can now access an education that best fits their learning needs.

Over the next several months the State Treasurer’s Office will be offering parents, and participating entities guidance in an effort to clarify the Nevada ESA Program. The information on this page is provided for your convenience. For the most up-to-date information about the NV ESA Program, visit www.NevadaTreasurer.gov.

Who is eligible?
More than 450,000 students, 93 percent of students in Nevada, are eligible for an ESA. To be eligible to apply for an ESA, a student must attend a Nevada public/charter school for at least 100 uninterrupted school days prior to submitting an application for an account. There are no income or credit qualifications.

What can funds be used for?
The funds can then be used for education related expenses at approved participating entities. Nevada parents will decide how to spend funds on their own child’s education. Through an ESA, parents can direct funds towards school tuition, tutoring, an online course, dual enrollment at a community college, therapy for students with disabilities, an SAT or ACT exam, and many other state-approved uses.

When is the application period and when will funds be received?
The Early Application period is open now through November 30, 2015. Approved applications will be funded at the earliest possible funding date, which the STO estimates will be the first week of April 2016.

Learn more about ESAs in general and other state programs at ExcelinEd.org/Education-Savings-Accounts/.


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