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Stand with Nevada Parents

This year the state of Nevada gave all parents the freedom to decide how their children will be educated. And now an organization that professes to defend the rights and liberties of every individual is trying to take that freedom away from them. In filing a lawsuit against Nevada’s new Education Savings Account program, the American Civil Liberties Union is filing a lawsuit against every parent in Nevada. A second lawsuit, filed by Educate Nevada Now!, a subsidiary of the Rogers Foundation, claims the ESA program will “take” education dollars from schools and hurt educational opportunities for low-income students. We believe the opposite: that these funds are the student’s – not the school’s – and giving a student the ability to escape an underperforming and overcrowded school is the definition of providing opportunities for students. Please join us in telling the ACLU and Educate Nevada Now! to drop the suits.

Tell the ACLU and Educate Nevada Now! to drop the lawsuit against the Nevada ESA Program

Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) provide public school parents with more than $5,000 a year to spend on their child’s education as they see fit. Sign this petition to help protect Nevada families.

Petition to drop the ACLU and Educate Nevada Now! Lawsuit

This petition is signed in support of Nevada's Education Savings (ESA) Account program, passed in the 2015 state legislative session as Senate Bill 302. I support the state of Nevada providing Nevada’s public school parents the opportunity to choose how to meet the educational needs of their children. A parent who wishes to choose something other than their assigned public school should get a portion of what the state is already providing for their child’s schooling. I strongly urge the ACLU, Educate Nevada Now! and other parties to drop the lawsuit challenging Nevada's ESA program.


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The ACLU has it WRONG

It is ironic that the ACLU pledges itself to ‘defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person.’ Yet today the ACLU opposes giving every parent in Nevada the right to decide where his or her child goes to school.There is no more fundamental right in this country than trying to create a better life for your child.
Patricia Levesque

CEO, The Foundation for Excellence in Education